Autumn in Japan

(please enjoy the photos and haikus. jacob took all the photos and long-gone japanese buddhists wrote the haikus, mostly)

as firmly cemented clam-shells
fall apart in autumn,
so I must take to the road again,
farewell, my friends.

IMG_4615 (1024x683)

beyond the crossroads
deep into autumn
the hillroad disappears


the crow sits
on a dead branch –
evening of autumn

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my way –
no-one on the road
and it’s autumn, getting dark






IMG_4741 (1024x683)

in one gust
the last leaf decides:


don’t tell me how difficult the way
the bird’s path, winding far
is right before you.

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Leaves falling
lie on one another
the rain beats on the rain

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Whether one passes on or remains is all the same.
That you can take no one with you is the only difference.
Ah, how pleasant! Two awakenings and one sleep.
This dream of a fleeing world! The roseate hues of early dawn!