Kathmandu Photos

Kathmandu was a difficult place for us to be, especially after ten weeks of being on the easy-going and beautiful islands of Bali and Koh Phangan doing retreats and making friends. Kathmandu is crowded, dirty and dusty, and in the summer the views of the Himalayas are poor. We still enjoyed exploring the streets and taking photos.

Hidden among the streets and doorways of Kathmandu are relics from its ancient past, like this small Buddha statue, which is nearly 1500 years old:



Small temples and shrines are everywhere, some constantly surrounded by worshipers, and some neglected or used for more mundane purposes, like this Shiva temple from the 9th century.



Unusual film promotion placement:


Ganesha among Buddhist flags, Maoist posters and Tibetan prayer flags:



Beautiful entrances in Kathmandu







Old window over newsstand, not many of these left:





My favorite:




Other favorites: