Pokhara in May

18 – 22 May 2014

We left Kathmandu for Pokhara, expecting fresher air and crisp Himalayan views.

This is Pokhara on a beautiful day:

This is what we saw:

Pokhara is situated around Phewa Lake and is known for its spectacular views of the Annapurna range:

Here’s the view we found from the lake:

We decided to hike higher up to the Peace Stupa, hoping to see this:

Here’s what we saw:

Maybe we just needed more elevation? We got up at 4am to take a drive to an epic lookout for the sunrise, hoping for something like this:

Instead, we saw this:

This is what we’d have seen in the fall:

We got this:

 (I used photos from the commons for the shots I didn’t take. Thank you to those that came before, on clearer days.)